Bring Your Story to Life

Because Lady Justice is Blind.

-But your Jury Isnt.

For 10 years, Juris Graphix has been assisting the legal community with their graphics needs. 

We focus on affordable, demonstrative 3D graphics.  Whether the final medium is paper, computer, tablet or touchscreen, we'll work with you to make sure that your demonstrative scene recreations, medical illustrations, and timelines tell your client's story-cleanly and passionately. 

Did we say affordable?  We know that many attorneys can feel gouged for simply being attorneys.  We remove the target from your back and provide you with cost-conscious products that you can afford not only at trial, but long before.  Our visualizations get used in online demand submissions, mediations and settlement negotiations- long before a trial ever takes place.  


Get started on telling your story early- we'll stick with you until you get the settlement you need.  Please feel free to inquire about our services by completing the form below:

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